Jungle / Drum and Bass BURN THE SNARES originated in 1997 in Brighton and then fled to the North. Two tracks - one from the past, "So Busy (Too Much Email)" hails from back in the day 1997 when they thought it would be cool to ask Playboy model Lisa Boyle if they could use her voice for this track. Here's the result. Apparently Lisa loved the end result... The second more laid track released just this month (well you can't rush these things) harks back to the original Jungle style from '94/95 and mixes that with a dub reggae / ska feel. The original Jungle style owed quite a bit to Dub reggae in it's bass lines but replaced percussion with breakbeats - here a Ska off beat guitar is added for no reason at all other than the track seemed to be a mutation anyway... Listen / download below...

Rip Off Dub # 16,384 (Jungle Dub Ska Mutation) (Feb 2013)

So Busy (Too Much Email) (Jun 1997)