Lyrics Sheet for Billy The Liar

Billy The Liar

Hey you, here's looking at your views

Are they right, or are you spoiling for a fight

Look at me, see how you ought to be

Only he who shouts loudest gets to disagree


Hey Billy, Billy liar liar

Arrogance and greed takes you higher higher

Does a brawl in the media bar make you feel like you're a star

Take a look at what you really are

Billy the liar


Name the town

Shout them down

The factor is back

With a massive attack

So you can be

The leader of the pack

The biggest MC

On the TV

A gross overdose of gangsta rap

All hype no spin

With a cheesy grin

You kiss their asses

To reach the masses

Pay off your AP

To be scandal free

Cause sex is the curse

Of the liberal classes

Spit words of grace

Right in their face

But it's just another case

Of cheap sunglasses

Cant make reality fit your facts

So lies make up for what you lack

It's a dirty trade

But as long as you're paid

You'll play the charade

Till the bandwagon passes


The most ridiculous item of the day

Is to listen to the the rubbish that you say

A lesser god to whom the gullible may pray

Just to say Shut up won't make the truth go away


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