Lyrics Sheet for 'God Made Me Do It'

God Made Me Do It

Shot some guy just the other day

Maybe it was color or he didn't know how to pray

They called it hate, said 'we'll make you pay'

If they let you live we're gonna put you away

They called me guilty or that's how they view it

My conscience is clear but the judge never knew it

I know in my heart that there's much more to it

I'm innocent really, God told me to do it


Started a war against the other side

But it didn't go well, and they say that I lied

Now I can't get out, it's our national pride

Gotta stick to our guns til the last man has died

History will attest when they come to review it

I did the right thing but they failed to construe it

I'm much too proud to admit that I blew it

I know I was right, God told me to do it


So all you tyrants follow my advice

How to do something nasty but to make it look nice

Just quote the the holy book, there's no need to think twice

You can get what you want and not have to pay the price

Feel like you were wrong but now you can't undo it

It's an age-old message and it's time to renew it

Just say the holy words that'll help get you through it

You don't have to worry, God told you to do it


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