Lyrics Sheet for Mr. Make Believe

Mr. Make Believe

In your war room, all alone

Your house of cards has turned into stone

Words of death and fear can't save you now

Curtain is closing time to take the final bow


When day is done, the night will surely come

The battle is over but the war has just begun

Party is finished now it's time for you to leave

Cos it's all over Mister make-believe


Watch the worm turn, see the vested interests squirm

What will you do when there's no money left to burn

You had your day, you took them for a ride, now it's...

the end of the road, time to swallow all your pride


Don't count the dead if you don't want to grieve

Your story is read no more suckers to deceive

Just give it up there's nothing left to retrieve

It's all over Mr Make-Believe


The pride and the passion

You're so out of fashion

The power and the glory

It's just a fairy story


Pretend you had a war and nobody died

Pretend that you're always on the winning side

Pretend it to yourself, pretend on TV

Pretend when they're under control that they're free

Pretend that we're winning when we lost years ago

Pretend you have the answer when you simply dont know

Pretend that the world is just black and white

Pretend when it's all gone so wrong that it's right

Pretend that it's fact and none of it fiction

Pretend your love of killing is not an addiction

Pretend to the end until reality tells

Pretend it's not your fault and blame someone else


No more yes men to push your little fable

Your failures lie naked upon the kitchen table

We'd best forget what you failed to achieve

Think you're making history but you're just make-Believe

Mr Make Believe, bye bye

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