Lyrics Sheet for Prestidigitator


I'm the magic man, won't you follow me

I'm the mystic man, close your eyes and see

Join with us, we'll love you like a brother

Together as one, take care of one another

Together be strong, our family is your home

And you know very well you'll never make it on your own


Find the truth with me, be God's chosen one

Set your spirit free, second to no-one

Join our mission all over the earth

It's part of God's plan for mankind's re-birth

Only true believers are gonna make it through

And you know very well it's the right thing to do


I'm the magic man, won't you kill for me

I'm the mystic man, strike down our enemy

Call it Jihad, call it a Crusade

The unbelievers can no-longer be obeyed

It's time to strike back, God's on our side

And you know very well, no-one's really gonna die


I'm the magic man

Come on come on, everyone

Do the bidding of the magic man

Let's hear it for the magic man


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