Dance Me That

Shortly before his death, Frank Zappa was working on an album of Synclavier-based 'dance' music to be called 'Dance Me This'. Although some recordings were made, they are apparently in an unfinished state and therefore are unlikely to be released anytime soon. In the meantime, we thought it might be fun to write a song based on what we think 'Dance Me This' might have been like. The following track features the kind of sounds used on Civilization Phaze 3, but incorporates more percussive sounds, including DnB licks. The assumption we made is that he might have used Civilization Phaze 3-style sounds in a rhythmical way, in particular, complex rhythms that would be difficult to dance to, but that nonetheless mimic the style of contemporary 'dance' music. Enjoy!

This track is a one-off, and is not part of any commercial activity. It is provided free for personal use, and does not contain any samples from Frank's work.

Dance Me That (5 MB)