The Engine Room

Here you will find downloadable techno songs. These are provided for personal use only

Chinotechno - Techno with an oriental touch.

Low fi version (1.7MB) -

AfroTechno - African percussion combined with techno synth lead lines.

Low fi version (1.5MB) -

Ban It - Techno-trance mix. Anyone who has heard the expression 'mommy's babies, daddy's maybes' will appreciate why 'no sex without marriage' is such a persistent and effective sales pitch. Lyrics here

Low fi version (1.7 MB)

The International Hum - An older song remixed and mastered. Inspired by an attempt to set up a simultaneous 'om' chant in different countries. Would probably get you arrested these days. A lyrics sheet can be found here.

Low fi version (1.4MB) -

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