Lyrics Sheet for Junk Fame

You were found in a hole in the ground

Labelled VIP, dumped on TV

And just in case the faithful didn't want you

In lieu of a brain you gained a teleprompter

The things they said went straight to your head

And though you think you're oh so special, you're a gift-wrapped bum instead

The hype you were fed, you think its true

Even a cheesy porno flick is better than you


You believe life was created by a magical being

Cos when it comes to self promotion, believing is seeing

You say you're different -you're just the same

Get back to the middle ages from whence thou came

The price of fame, do as they tell you to do

And if they said the world was flat, you'd believe that too


No ideas of your own so you work those cliches to the bone

Ghost written just for you. A pointless point of view

Screw up your face and pray, until your dying day

and when you reach your heaven

you'll shoot the stupid moose with an AK47


You prostitute yourself for respectibility

A thinly veiled cover for mediocrity

And if anyone just wants to have fun

You'll force them to get married at the point of a gun

You're just an empty shell with nothing inside

All dressed up with vanity, messed up with pride

They said you were a leader but... they lied

The fool from nowhere


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