Lyrics Sheet for iDrone



Talk as I walk down the street

Talking on the toilet seat

Talking to my plastic friend

All this talk will never end

Move my mouth up and down

Wave my hands just like a clown

Long as I stay with my phone

Know I'll never be alone


Some may call it superficial

But it makes me feel so special

Its the latest thing to do

So you should go and buy one too

Watch my favorite video

Even watch a TV show

I hope they never pull the plug

Cos now I'm hooked just like a drug


If you feel inadequate

Or maybe youre just out of date

Hurry now you might be late

Buy this toy and you'll feel great

It's the only thing to do

So your friends wont laugh at you

Show it off for all to see

The latest high technology



It's my latest ring tone

For my latest thing phone

Take this piece of bling home

Be their latest idrone


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