Lyrics Sheet for Shadowdance



You step left, I move to the right

Sizing up each other, distrust or delight,

Do we make love, or do we fight

Moving in circles like moths round a light

Shadow dancing

Shadow dancing on this hot summer's night


Advance, retreat, a chance to touch

Senses lost in a spiraling rush

Flickering faces, fingertips

Echoes of the past from whispering lips


Move at the sound, blind at the light

Will they follow, or will they take flight



Shadowdancing in the pale moonlight


In the darkness, we move as one

Through the mirror to the heart of the sun

Exploring spaces, figures entwined

Where goes the body, also goes the mind


Shadowdancing, partners in crime

Shadowdancing, through the mists of time

Shadowdancing, repeating history

Shadowdancing, you and me.


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