Lyrics Sheet for Size Matters

Size Matters

I feel so neat

As I hurry down the street

In my SUV

Cos it's oh so me


I know it looks good cos I saw it on TV

They told me if I buy one, I'm gonna be free

They say I'm nothing special but now its not true

I just need to prove that I'm better than you

Its not exploitation, we're giving people what they want


Temperatures are rising

but I couldn't care less

Its not my job

to clean up the mess


I feel so proud while I pay through the nose

I'm big and I wanna make sure that it shows

A big bloated body for a tiny mind

I'll make damn sure no one leaves me behind

But I have the right to do as they say


So smile a sweet smile

As the customer begs

For something bigger

than the thing between his legs


There's no need to worry, the consumer's just an ass

We're gonna make a killing off the price of gas

Pull their little strings make them feel good inside

Theyll pay us all their money if we take them for a ride

But all my friends drive SUVs

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