Lyrics Sheet for Another Sunny Day


Another day of your life and you thought you'd take it far

But you know you're going nowhere sitting in the same old bar

And you drink another drink till your mind goes all hazy

Don't think about the future it'll only make you crazy

And your lazy ways continue there's no energy within you

It's much easier to borrow, you can pay your debt tomorrow

There's work to be done but it's much more fun to play

And the sun is shining bright outside today

And though you're really broke, your life is just a joke

You ignore it for another sunny day, dream away


Out of mind out of sight poverty and urban blight

It's no wonder that the quality of life is going under

But they're swinging budget axes, raising all our taxes

And foreclosing the homeowners so the bankers get their bonus

And the elevator's broken so you have to take the stairs

No-one ever comes to fix it, cos no-one ever cares

The lights are on the blink and the sewers really stink

And every bridge in town is falling down

So much for milk and honey, it all costs too much money

We'll save it for another sunny day, dream away.


It's another someday morning in a world of global warming

And the warning bells are ringing bout what climate change is bringing

But the arguments are churning over what they say we're learning

So industry keeps turning keep those fossil fuels burning

And you gripe about the science and the high cost of compliance

In the absence of a trial, take your refuge in denial

The green machines are just a dream and no-one wants to keep it clean

And self restraint is nowhere to be seen

And the message loud and clear, there's trouble coming near

That's not what you want to hear so you turn the other ear

Refuse to receive it, prefer to disbelieve it

And leave it for another sunny day, dream away


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