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Welcome to the homepage of Mikey's Militia.

I'll continue to post some free songs here on veryconcerned. These are more experimental in nature and don't necessarily belong to any specific genre. You are free to download these songs for personal use, but any and all commercial use of this material is strictly prohibited.

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Another Sunny Day - This one sums up 2010. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1MB) -

Junk Fame - Get yourself some expensive clothes, a cliche-ridden script and some high-profile endorsements and you too can be a 'star'. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.6MB) -

JDB - Jazz, drum and bass.

Low fi version (1.6MB) -

Shadowdance - Night-time frolicking in a techno-flamenco style. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.4MB) -

Dedicated to Who? - Updated version of an old jazz instrumental.

Low fi version (1.6MB) -

iDrone - Here's one you won't find on iTunes. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.3MB) -

Mr. Make Believe - This one needs no further elaboration. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.7MB) -

Size Matters - Think you're beyond the reach of slick advertisers? You're probably not. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.3MB) -

Preacher Feature Phase 1 - How can religious nuts portray their deities as such spiteful vindictive creatures and still expect anyone to believe in them?

Low fi version (1.2MB) -

Here are three instrumental tracks used as part of Alasdair's Lazy Eight project.

8UFM4 - Euro-techno with spanish guitar (4.8 MB)

8UFM7 - Ethnic Indian sounds (3 MB)

8UFM3 - Drum, bass, guitar and marimba (4 MB)

God Made Me Do It - Yeah right, he made me write this song too. Hearing messages from God used to be considered a sign of insanity, but now it seems insanity has gone mainstream. Reggae, dub poetry. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.5MB) -

Check out the instrumental dub version God Made Me Dub It -

Low fi dub version (1.7MB) -

Message from the Bogeyman - The ancient art of using, and sometimes manufacturing an enemy to drum up support for oneself. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.9MB) -

Sandcastles - A poem by Diane set to music. Features the 'L Shankar emulator' in the outro. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.8MB) -

Turd Blossom - Thank goodness we don't have to put up with this lot any more. Metal style. Lyrics are here.

Low fi version (1.6MB) -

Billy The Liar - Don't believe it just because it's on TV. Lyrics here.

Low fi version (1.5 MB)

Prestidigitator - Bring me your poor, your huddled masses and I'll turn them into fanatical killers or freedom fighters depending on your affiliation. Features a bluesy intro on the electric piano and tenor sax, followed by some Middle Eastern ambience overlaid with extreme Christian rhetoric (we're very concerned about these guys), followed by the main theme with cool vocal fx. A lyrics sheet can be found here.

Low fi version (1.9 MB) -

Jeux d'Orgue Sans Frontieres - An organ recital on the theme pioneered by Messiaen of the imitation of natural sounds. In four movements: 1. Fanfare; 2. Desert dance; 3. Storms; 4. The Blooming.

Low fi version (2.6 MB) -